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SpiderSense is a wearable haptic jacket that allows you to feel the environment around you on your own body. The idea was conceived in 2013 as a PhD research project that would explore new ways of human-computer interaction and improve the quality of life of visually impaired people. Though our team’s expertise we managed to take this highly innovative technology out of the lab and to this day we continue to innovate and iterate rapidly so we can make our mission a reality.

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Increased situation awareness0%

Safer navigation (indoors-outdoors)0%

Real-time Obstacle detection / Hazard avoidance0%

Improved quality of life0%


Victor Mateevitsi - Founder/CEO



Victor is a researcher, maker, inventor and entrepreneur with interests in haptics, wearables, and computer graphics. His primary focus in his research and work, lays in the exploration, design and evaluation of novel human augmentation techniques facilitated by technology. Aiming to overcome challenges of human-computer interaction in the emerging technologies of wearable computers and human augmentation devices his mission is to improve quality of life for individuals with disabilities. After co-inventing SpiderSense in 2013, he continued the research and development in order to make it smaller, more portable and more efficient. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and has been named one of the “20 in their 20’s” by Crain’s business magazine and one of the “Fifty For The Future®” by the Illinois Technology Foundation, among others.

Vasia Rigou - Head of Communications


Head of Communications

Greek-born Vasia Rigou is a Chicago-based art critic and pop culture journalist, largely on the subjects of contemporary art, design and fashion. she has an Arts Journalism MA degree from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and in her time in Europe, she received a BA in English Literature, in her native Athens, a MA in Media, in the UK and studied foreign languages –English, Spanish and German. She regularly writes for the art and design sections of Newcity and her work has been published nationally and internationally in print and online. In 2016, she founded and now serves as editor-in-chief of  Rainbowed.—an independently published website focused on the visual and performing arts, digital media, and popular culture. At SpiderSense she creates, implements and oversees all communications, develops branding strategies and ensures a strong corporate identity.